DistinctBright Jewelry Cleaner

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Works with ultrasonic machines

The easiest, quickest and healthiest way to clean and restore the original brightness of jewelry, rhinestones, watches and semi-precious stones using the power of probiotics. DistinctBright contains no ammonia or harmful chemicals and is easy on the skin. DistinctBright is non-toxic, has no harmful fumes and contains no allergens. Also, a great way to clean Pandora bracelets.

shining diamond
Step 1. Add 16 drops to 1/4 glass of warm water.
shining diamond
Step 2. Soak for 1 minute. Brush, wipe and repeat as needed.
shining diamond
Step 3. Dry with a cloth and jewelry is ready to wear.
pandora bracelet
distinctbright probiotic cleaner

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Ingredients: Purified water, proprietary stabilized beneficial organic probiotics, surfactants and enzymes.

Bonus:Every order of DistinctBright will include a free cleaning brush and a free HydraSorb wiper!